Cultural Events


Five times a year Global Ed. students participate in some kind of activity which takes them into their communities to experience the arts, explore ideas, learn from others, and appreciate the diversity of talent and creativity we have.  These are also times where students can socialize with their fellow "globies" or spend some quality time with their own families. Students then present what they have learned to us in one of three formats: written, oral presentation or creative display.More than 90% of our students attend college after graduation. Letters from former students are included here, describing how Global Education prepared them to be successful at the post-secondary level. 


Global Education is not just a class.  It is a special close-knit community of students, but also of teachers and parents, all working together to help them do their best. We have very high expectations for our students and we expect them to work hard to do their part in achieving success.  It is a warm and friendly environment with teachers who are dedicated professionals.  We want the very best for our students and we expect them to give their best effort, all the time.

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