The School of Global Education offers a four - year curriculum in Language Arts and 

Social Studies, open to any interested student who may wish to apply for enrollment.  


  • Global Ed curriculum offered in the program is both exciting and challenging, designed to prepare students for the rigors of a university education. 


  • Global Ed is strongly recommended for students who are at or above the reading level for their respective grade.   


  • Global Ed is an interdisciplinary approach to cultural, political, scientific and economic issues, in an arrangement different from what is offered in the traditional Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. 

  • Global Ed seeks to promote an understanding of the values and priorities of the many cultures in the world, and of our American fore parents.



  • Involving students in the community is an integral part of the program and is in keeping with our motto to “Think Globally, Act Locally.”  


  • Students participate in a variety of cultural and ethnic encounters throughout the year and present their experiences through  written, oral and creative projects.


  • Students can attend the Mid-American Model UnitNations (MAMUN) conference each spring to gain additional insight and understanding about the politics of the international community.


  • Students participate in the Stevenson Intramural Model UN, a format that emulates the workings of the Security Council.

Throughout their four years in Global Education, our students are encouraged to 

become active in their community through service projects and by donating their time to charitable causes.


  • Internationally, we are also involved with the Invisible Children project through our adopted school in Uganda, and with ORBIS (The flying eye hospital). 

  • Community service hours are part of the requirement for the senior research project.


The operation of the school is under the direction of the Global Education teaching staff and administrative team at Stevenson High


School, supported by a very dedicated Parents Association. Students who remain in the program have the opportunity to develop close friendships and a strong support system to help them throughout their four years at Stevenson High School.


Out-of-school activities and field trips contribute to the friendly atmosphere and the chance to make new friends. The interdisciplinary approach used in the School of Global Education promotes a better understanding of both the past and the present world and offers guideposts to the future. It is our hope that such an approach to education, with its global focus on humanity, will help lessen the fear and suspicion in tomorrow’s world.