Judith A. Bergeski  (Judy)


I have a Bachelors in History/Political Science from University of Detroit and I got my Masters (in Education) from University of Michgan.


This is my 42nd in teaching, and my 22nd year teaching at Stevenson. I previously taught at Redford Bishop Borgess High School for 20 years. I just teach Global Education at Stevenson. My Global Ed classes consists of 9th Grade World History and 12th Grade International Relations.


I believe in the philosophy of Global Education…teaching an integrated, multi-disciplined curriculum and approaching it from a global perspective.  I get to work with the greatest kids on the planet and with the most dedicated teachers around.  Plus, we have tremendous parent support for the work that we do. Students get to see all kinds of connections to the real world. They have the chance to become a part of an educational family…and learn in a “community” that is a very supportive environment. We challenge them to be their best, to reach beyond mediocrity. They are well-informed global citizens and well-prepared readers, writers, speakers and critical thinkers, regardless of what educational path they pursue after high school.


I enjoy reading, writing Tanka poetry and editing.  I love art, music, anything Snoopy, and traveling to new places.  As a teacher, the greatest thrill is hearing from former students about their successes and accomplishments and how the Global Education program has helped them to achieve their goals.


Tim Gabel


I have a Bachelors in Economics from Wayne State, and also got my Masters (in Education) from Wayne.


This is my 26th year in teaching, and my 22nd year teaching at Stevenson. I have been teaching in Global Ed. since 1998. I have always taught the junior year social studies which consists of American Government and Economics. I also teach other social studies classes at Stevenson including A.P. Economics.


The best part about Global Education is the students. Because our students elect to take the GE curriculum they have more motivation and a generally more positive attitude than the student body as a whole. They enjoy the whole process of learning new things.


The G.E. curriculum takes this improved motivation and requires the students to do things that will pay dividends for them far into their educational future. For example, we require far more critical thinking and problem solving. We also require far more outside research. Regardless of the course of study a student selects in college, they can benefit from these aspects of Global Ed. A secondary benefit is that the School of Global Education fosters a distinct learning community within the larger school. Our kids can take pride in the fact that at least part of their high school identity is of being a "Globie."


Krista TanneTr

I have earned my bachelor degree in English from Michigan State University in May 1997.  Then, I earned my master’s degree from Marygrove College in May 2001.

I have been teaching since the fall of 1997. I have been teaching at Livonia Stevenson since the 2000-2001 school year.  I currently teach the Global English I sequence, but in the past have taught the senior English course as well. Otherwise, in the English Department, I normally teach English 9, English 10, Conflicts and Compromise, Researching Contemporary Issues, and Composition.

I like teaching in the Global Education Department because this program challenges students and asks them to think outside their own 

culture. It affords them the opportunity to follow the Global Education motto of: “Think Globally, Act Locally”. I think this program pushes the 

students to use their critical thinking skills.


I believe the Global Education program helps the students be successful because this program does do assignments that are cross curricular and the two classes build upon one another. In addition, the student are asked to complete Cultural/Ethnic events which open up their minds  and allows them the opportunity to receive a different perspective on the world around them. I have been fortunate as a teacher to be able to teach in this program.

Mrs. McEwen

Global Ed language arts 10.  Mrs. McEwen joined the Global Ed program in 2017, but has been teaching in a variety of programs for many years.

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