A year-long course that has, as its focus, the Senior Research Project and presentation. Students will research an issue that has global, national and local implications. This project has several components including a written paper, community service hours and an oral presentation.


All portions of the Research project must be successfully completed in order to receive academic credit. Students will also study a variety of literature, including plays, novels and short stories related to global issues. The second semester focus shifts to instruction in the theory and physiology of speech, followed by application in public speaking, debate, oral and written critiques of public speakers and preparation to participate fully in the model United Nations. Students will also complete their Senior Research project that was begun in Semester 1, including the balance of their community service hours and oral presentation. 


Students will also study several pieces of literature related to global issues. The final exam is the oral presentation of their project before a panel of staff members.  




This year-long course is taken in conjunction with the English 4 class. Students will study and evaluate the workings of international organizations, diplomacy, law and politics, as well as the changing role of the United States in world affairs. This course will rely upon historical examples to help students analyze and understand current events as they occur. 


The final exam is the oral presentation of the Senior Research Project completed in conjunction with the Global English 4 class.