Korean Film Festival at U of M and to a Korean restaurant for dinner afterwards
Plays at the Performance Network Theater in Ann Arbor
Chamber Society of Detroit performance


African American Museum in Detroit

Plymouth Historical Museum

Hitsville USA in Detroit

Plays and Musicals at SHS

Detroit Historical Museum

The Henry

Restaurant Ideas

The Fiddler - Russian

The Blue Nile - Ethopian

Traditional Dim Sum (Sundays) - Golden Harvest

The Dakota Inn Rathskeller - German

Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadore - El Salvadoran

La Feria - Spanish Tapas

Casablanca - Moroccan

Pho Lucky - Vietnamese

Ivanhoe Cafe (Polish Yacht Club) - Polish

Dolan (in Windsor) - Uyghur

Chung Ki Wa - Korean

Vicente's - Cuban

Indo - Indonesian

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