Activities Summary

February: Chinese New Year Celebration at the New Peking Restaurant

The restaurant's banquet room are decorated in splendid colors of red and gold, while round tables covered in white linen table cloths lent an air of formality to the evening.  On each table are red paper quizzes entitled, "12 Things You Should Know About the Chinese New Year" to give us some interesting trivia about the origins of the New Year celebration. Did you know, for example, that oranges and 

tangerines are often given as gifts because they symbolize luck and prosperity?


There is always a formal welcome by Mr. Shen Yu, owner of the New Peking, whose children graduated from SHS. Daughter Mandy was a "globie." Mr. Yu explains the origins of the Chinese New Year celebration and some of the customs, such as not "cleaning the house" on the first day of the fifteen-day event, to avoid sweeping away good fortune for the new year.


There is a spectacular 12-course dinner, served family style that includes soup and a huge appetizer platter, and then dishes of chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, vegetables, rice and fish. Traditional Chinese dessert balls and fortune cookies complete the extravaganza.


March:  MAMUN Conference

The Mid-American Model United Nations (MAMUN) is held in March, usually on the west side of the state.  Approximately Fifty-five members of the School of Global Education at Stevenson High School joined nearly 600 students to represent 85 countries for five days of deliberation and diplomacy. Taking on the role of UN Ambassadors, the students debate topics from the actual agenda of the United Nations in an effort to find creative solutions for some very challenging issues.  In past years, Stevenson has represented seven countries including Belarus, Denmark, Lebanon, Mexico, the Philippines, Rwanda, and South Africa. The SHS students have earn trophies for Best Prepared School, the highest honors in both the General Assembly and ECOSOC Plenary, many medals, and dozens of certificates. 


April: SIMUN Simulation

Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations  where Global Education students play the part of representatives meeting in structured committees. While it is an academic activity that requires research and knowledge in world history, economic theory, and political theory, skills like public speaking and negotiation are key.


April: College visit -- MSU 

The visit to Michigan State University allowed the students to visit a potential college of their choice.  As part of the visit, there are very informative admission presentations, a campus tour, lunch at one of the award-winning cafeterias, and a presentation from the James Madison College. 


May: Global Education Awards Banquet


October: Haunted High


October: Global Education Homecoming Float Night


December:  Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 

The Global Education students from all four grade levels work together to help prepare and set up for the Annual Global Education Staff Appreciation Reception, directed by Ms. Thursam and Mrs. Van Gilder. Students worked in large groups of approximately 8-10 to prepare a table representing a region of the world. Tables for the reception have included the Middle East, Eastern Europe, India, China, Mexico, France and Greece. Each table is required to have authentic, homemade appetizers, side dishes, entrees and a dessert, along with decorations. The event is always anticipated by SHS staff.

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