Meet the GE Board Members

The purpose of the GEPA is to help support students, teachers, various school events and fundraising projects.  Overall, the GEPA is focused on raising awareness of the benefits of the program and support the teachers that educate our children.  The Global Ed Parent Association raises money for the following:


  • Books for the classroom

  • Parent / Chaperone rooms for MAMUN

  • Movies for cultural events

  • Teacher Appreciation Reception- December

  • End of Year Banquet - wonderful event to recognize the teachers and the students for their tremendous work

  • Teacher wish list

  • Global Education Website

Sharon Deeter - Co-Chair

Catherine Porter - Co-Chair

Dawn Marulli - Treasurer

Julianne Vangilder - Teacher Appreciation Reception

Amy Powell - GE Banquet

Sally Duffy - Communications

Open - Fundraising*

Open - Members at Large*

Judy Bergeski - Teacher Representative

*If interested, please contact Catherine Porter at

GEPA Mission